Monday, July 29, 2013

Saving Water

Singapore is a tiny island with few natural resources.  Where does our water come from?

  1. Malaysia - Singapore has been importing its water from Malaysia under two bilateral agreements.  However, one agreement has already expired in August 2011, and the other is due to expire in 2061.
  2. Local Catchment - Rainwater is collected in reservoirs, ponds, drains, canals and rivers
  3. NEWater - Water reclaimed from treated used water
  4. Desalination - Desalinating sea water
Given the importance of water as well as the possibility of lack of water in the future, shouldn't we try to save water as much as we can?  While preparing meals, I realised that quite a bit of water is used to wash rice and vegetables.  Instead of dumping all this water down the sink, I now collect it in a pail for watering my plants.  One - water is not wasted, and two - there's some good stuff in the water that the plants will love.  Win-win!

Water saved from washing rice and vegetables

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