Thursday, January 2, 2014

Months at Home

It's been many months since I started a new stage in life.  Now that I'm back to work, here's a recap on what it was like the past few months, being home alone with the Little One.

I've been working ever since I graduated from university.  Every month, I would see my pay being deposited into my bank account.  With zero income for the past few months, even the small little expenses worried me.... Just the basics of buying meals, paying telephone bills, paying for public transport etc.... each item costs very little, but when you add them up, the dollars become tens of dollars, which easily become hundreds of dollars.

When I got a much needed break away from Little One and met friends for tea, I couldn't help but think how expensive a cuppa and cake from Starbucks was, or how much a more extravagant lunch was going to set me back.

'Work' vs Satisfaction
Financial issues aside, 'work' at home is very different from working at the office.  At home, absolutely EVERYTHING revolved around the Little One.  My meals, housework and rest times (if any!) depended TOTALLY on Little One's schedule.  If Little One slept well, I would be able to do all work AND get some rest.  On other days, Little One could be cranky and want attention all the time.  It's days like these where I'd be surviving on biscuits and such, look like I walked through a tornado, and have to call for backup -- Daddy has to buy back dinner for us adults.

In real life, I believe that all Stay-at-home-mums (SAHMs) have good days and bad.  It's the love for these little bundles of joy that give us the energy to continue day after day, no matter how hard things get.  The satisfaction I got when the Little One started giving me megawatt smiles, or super wet kisses.... awwww...... I just melted.......

Pursuing Interests
At certain times in life, we sometimes get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget what we are actually doing.  We rush to get the kids ready for school, we rush to work each day, we rush home, we rush to get the kids ready for bed, and tomorrow we start all over again...

When I was home alone with Big One years ago, I was unhappy.... I think I was so caught up in what baby needed that I forgot what I needed.  With Little One, I made a conscious effort to keep some time to pursue my own interests, to keep a little bit of me intact.  Thus, I started working on an online store called Angelhearts Crafts. This was my outlet... there was something about setting goals and concentrating on meeting them.... it took my mind away to a separate world.  This project didn't quite take off as I hoped it would, but I had fun creating stuff for the store the past few months

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