Monday, October 21, 2013

Never Ending Mess

Just last night, someone asked me why I sleep so late?  Well.... now that little one is bigger and sleeping way less than a newborn baby, there's not much chance to do serious chores during the day.  Other than nap times (which is when I scramble to prepare baby's meals as well as mine), little one now demands much more attention, whether it's playing together, going for walks or just being there to make sure he doesn't destroy anything and hurt himself in the process.  So the best time to do serious chores is when everyone goes to bed.

While everyone was sleeping last night, I quickly mopped the house like I was trying to set a new Guinness Book Record.  The faster I am, the more I'll get to rest afterwards, right?  Wrong..... just when I thought I could lie comatose on the sofa with some crappy TV programme for a few minutes, "Click click!", the washing machine says.  So off I went trying to set another Guinness Book Record hanging up the clothes to dry.  After setting 2 records, surely I can go to bed now..... nope..... I recall that I promised to make some pillow covers for someone some time back and I haven't even started yet!  After measuring and cutting cloth, I finally thought that enough was enough and retreated to the bedroom for some "me time" -- aimless surfing, checking Facebook updates etc on my mobile while lying down.   Zzzzzz....

Fast forward to this morning.  After all that hard work last night, my house should be in quite a good state, right?  WRONG AGAIN!  Little one decided that 5+am was a good time to wake up and proceeded to take all his toys (which were neatly kept the previous night) and dump them all on the floor!  By about 6am, my house was in a mess again..... Honestly, I wonder why I bother to clean up sometimes.  It hardly stays neat/clean for more than half a day...... never ending mess..... sigh....

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