Thursday, April 25, 2013


What do I do with my kitchen scraps?  Why do I freeze them?  Here's where my frozen kitchen scraps go: into a flower pot with some soil!

Kitchen scraps in pot
Why??  This is my tiny little effort at composting, a tiny little effort to reduce the amount of rubbish that I throw into the rubbish bin.  I first attempted composting in a closed container under the kitchen sink.  As it was a closed system, I had to open it up and stir it every day to avoid anaerobic decomposition.  Then I got lazy and didn't stir it for 1 week..... URGHHHH..... stink stink stink!!  So the closed compost bin was banished from the house!

Eventually I started the more current system of adding kitchen scraps to a pot of soil.  Initial problems of having flies was solved by burying the scraps instead of leaving them on top, like this:

Kitchen scraps buried
How about trying out composting?  You reduce the amount of rubbish and get some fertiliser at the same time!

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