Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kid 1 Vs Kid 2 Series [1] - Discovery

Ever since I was pregnant with Little One, I've been thinking of blogging about the differences between Kid 1 and Kid 2 for the different stages.  Little One is almost 2 now and I've yet to write anything on this topic..... Gosh!  So here's the first in the series of comparing what it was like having Kid 1 vs Kid 2 - Discovery.

It all started with a positive reading on a pregnancy test kit..... oh, the excitement we felt!  After all the rejoicing, now what should we do??  We had no contacts for gynaecologists and we had a holiday planned for just a few days later!  Hubs had to contact friends who have had kids to ask about their gynaecologists and within hours of deciding which one to choose, we had an appointment booked for that day itself.  Finally, we decided to be super safe and not fly, thus cancelling our holiday to Taiwan which we had been planning for for months....

With Kid 2, there was the usual initial excitement but what happened after was way less dramatic.  Dug out gynaecologist's number, made an appointment for a few days away and was greeted by our smiling doctor asking how Kid 1 was doing.  Familiar clinic, familiar doctor, familiar nurses, familiar procedures..... things are way less scary when you know exactly what to expect.

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