Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jumping Queue

I hate queue jumpers!!!  Sorry, I just have to rant as someone cut MY queue this morning while I was patiently waiting for my turn, with a crying baby in tow!!! Arrrghhhhh!  There have been some cases where I'm more irritated than usual, here are just a few examples:

At the Supermarket Cashier
In a highly populated place like Singapore, supermarkets can get really crowded.  So much so that the queues at the cashier would make you think that the supermarket was giving things away for free!  So there I was, stuck in a queue which would most probably take at least 20 minutes.  And here comes this auntie (this is how we usually address more elderly women) who walks right up to the front of the queue and places her purchases on the cashier's table.  Helloo???  I can understand that you are old and would get really tired waiting in line, but you can't just cut a long queue like that, it's not your right!  If you were to ask nicely, I'm sure many kind souls would gladly let you go ahead of them.

Ordering Food
At many eating places here, you have to line up at the stall, wait for the food to be prepared and bring it to your table.  One fine day during a 1-hour lunch break, I was lining up at a food stall.... long queue... After about 15 minutes, the queue had only moved a tiny bit while the queue got longer behind me.  In comes a giggly lady and starts talking to a couple right in front of me.  "What are you guys eating? Hmmmm.... what should I eat?  Should I eat this?".  She then proceeds to ask her friends to order TWO, not ONE portion of food!!  I couldn't take it any more and just had to ask: "Excuse me, are you trying to order food now??" and eyeballed the long long queue.  "Yes, is that ok?", she had the cheek to ask!  I was boiling, and stomped off to another food stall.  Grrrrrr.....

Queuing for the Bus
At bus interchanges, there are designated areas for people to line up for buses.  Some people won't join the queue as sometimes the wait is quite long.  They prefer to lounge around nearby, comfortably seated.  However once the bus appears, they would be the first to get up and cut the queue right at the HEAD of the queue!

Why do queue jumpers/cutters exist?

  1. Some people are impatient and have total disregard for other people.  It's a Me, I, Mine mentality, a view that the world has to revolve around them
  2. People being cut condone such behaviour.  If more people could speak up to at least let them know that this kind of selfish behaviour is not accepted.  Being Asian, many people prefer to just keep quiet and grumble under their breath...
  3. Service staff condone such behaviour.  If your stall/shop/service requires customers to queue up, please apply it to all, except for special cases.  I don't expect you to scold your customers, all that is needed is a polite "Sorry sir, please join the queue"
Well, there..... I feel much better after all this ranting..... 

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