Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hair for Hope 2013 - Part 2

I have to admit that my first reaction to this news was "Yes!  There shouldn't have been any wigs involved in the first place!" (See my earlier post on this issue).  BUT, I would also like to elaborate on the case of broken promises that was lacking in my earlier post.

Putting aside whether it was right or wrong of the principal to make them promise to wear wigs, the girls DID make a promise.  They were fully aware of the conditions attached to their participation in the Hair for Hope event.  As intelligent young ladies, did any of them speak up about how wearing wigs defeats the whole purpose of going bald?  If any of them didn't agree with the conditions laid down, why did they agree to it?  Since they promised to adhere to the conditions, why did they break their promise?

In short, since a promise has been made, follow it through.  Do not break the promise because you suddenly realised that the conditions do not make sense or are disadvantageous to you.

In the adult world, a promise in the form of a signed contract is legally binding.  Going against this promise would bring about legal consequences and may not be so easily resolved as in the girls' cases.  I've heard of highly intelligent people lamenting about silly conditions in contracts that they are about to break.  I can only say, "Why did you sign and agree to those silly conditions in the first place?"

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